RILEY - Riley Rose Critchlow 
Riley is not the type of glamorous lesbian you’d find on The L Word. A supportive friend to her only friends, she flies by the seat of her ripped pants. Content with her life and always up for an adventure, she spends her time dumpster diving and frequenting yard sales.

TOM - Thom Shelton 
When Tom met Kate, they dated briefly before deciding they had zero chemistry. Now Tom makes up the male contingent in his all-female friend group and he’s just fine with that, thank you. He maintains that dudes are boring to hang out with, even though the girls mainly ignore him.

KATE - Kate Heckman 
Living in the same neighborhood she grew up in, Kate is an only child and hates most people, including her friends. Even though she’s secretly attention starved, she’s too lazy to meet new people and has grown complacent with her small uninspired life. She also hates swimming.

SARAH - Sarah Erin Roach 
Hailing from the vague region known as New England, Sarah is a positive happy flirt who tries to project her outlooks onto the people around her in a desperate attempt to fill the negative and painful void left by her deceased abusive alcoholic father. She considers herself an expert at most things and has a weakness for older men in uniforms.